Goshin Ju-Jitsu Scotland is a small group of clubs teaching the ancient art of Ju-Jitsu to develop a greater appreciation of the art and to actively promote it as a means of self defence.

The club teaches a wide range of techniques including Kicking and Punching, Grappling and
Throwing, and for those who are interested, a basic introduction to the weapons used by the Samurai in ancient times.


Goshin Ju-Jitsu (自衛柔術) is a modern self-defence-oriented style of jujutsu and is the style we teach at the classes of our club.

This style refers to systems which are rooted in traditional Jujutsu, but also draw heavily from sports such as boxing (both Western and Thai) and certain techniques from Judo (itself a Jujutsu derivative), but in a 'street' application.

Goshin Ju-Jutsu prioritises street-effectiveness over flash techniques. While elbow strikes, and hand-strikes such as jabs, hooks and uppercuts are a core part of training, it’s generally not good strategy to repeatedly trade blows with somebody at close-range, particularly when the aim is self-defense.

A better approach is to use strikes to create an opportunity to use Ju-Jitsu as the fight-stopper. Techniques used as a part of our training regime include joint locks, such as wrist locks, elbow locks (commonly called “arm bars”), and chokeholds (no-gi) and throws.